013 – The Electoral College

Electoral College

Hello Alaska! In this episode we sit down with Jacqueline Tupou, a member of Alaska’s Electoral College. This is a complicated year for electors and Jacqueline walks us through the difficult decision she faces on December 19th.


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Alaska’s First Income Tax

The following opinion piece was originally published in the Alaska Dispatch News. Let’s pretend I was able to license this amazing photo of Ernest Gruening and include it with the commentary.

grueningIncome taxes are unpopular, but after reading up on our history, I am strongly in favor of one for us today. An income tax is important to our state’s social health and budgetary diversity, it’s a mark of ownership and a declaration of independence from outside influence.

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005 – Fairbanks Four, Part 2

Fairbanks Four part 2

Hello Alaska! In this episode we wrap up our discussion on the Fairbanks Four, a group of young men who were recently released after 18 years in prison for a murder they said they didn’t commit. We’ll talk about the critical testimony that helped put them away, why it had its problems and how this case fits in with other recent notable innocence project efforts.

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