041 – Alaska’s Fall Legislative Outlook

Hello Alaska
041 - Alaska's Fall Legislative Outlook

In this episode we do a post-primary rundown of the tight elections in Alaska and how they might shape the Alaska State House and Senate coalitions in 2021.

Here’s the Equal Rights Moose Pat mentioned in the show:

Anchorage’s Snazzy Moose Loop Trail:

040 – 1918 Flu

Hello Alaska
040 - 1918 Flu

Almost 100 years ago Alaska faced a devastating pandemic. In this episode we dive deep into the newspaper archives and handwritten journal of the Territorial Governor at the time, Thomas Riggs Jr.

“Tom Riggs. Afterwards Governor of Alaska – Nice chap.
We crossed the river & had dinner at his cabin.”
Thomas Riggs Jr. at the Arctic shore upon completing
the survey of the Alaska-Canada border on July 15, 1912.

038 – Hunker Down

Hello Alaska
038 - Hunker Down

What a time. We’re all muddling through it. Good luck friends.

Corona Virus Act Now – Modeling a speedy response.

City officials mandate many travelers to Juneau quarantine themselves for 14 days

Portraits from the front line of coronavirus detection in Anchorage

Midnight in the Sun – Hunker Down Edition

Jackbox Party Pack