011 – Primary Narrative

Hello Alaska
011 - Primary Narrative


The voters in the primary election have spoken, but what the heck did they say? We read the tea leaves and speculate wildly on the Alaska primary election shakeup.

Show Notes

Don’t leap to conclusions, it’s Pat’s half-baked primary research:
It probably doesn’t debunk the “Door Knocking” narrative, but it scuffs it up a little.

For more elections coverage and analysis you can visit your local paper of record. Or you can get way off in the weeds with the in-depth and insightful analysis provided by Casey Reynolds at the Midnight Sun:

What The Hell Just Happened? An Election Post Mortem

Everyone Is Taking The Wrong Lesson From Monday’s Election Hearing

The excellent music video for “I’m from Fairbanks” Directed By Ife and featuring Bishop Slice X Starbuks:

Byron Mallott, Protector of the State Seal: