017 – Productive Anger

Hello Alaska
Hello Alaska
017 – Productive Anger

Today we’re joined by blogger and activist Libby Bakalar in a discussion of the Women’s March, harassment culture, freedom of speech and overcoming fear.

Show Notes

Here’s the full text of Libby’s speech from the Women’s March.

“I have a secret to share with all of you. Fear is a petty bully. Fear is weak. And it can be conquered by two weapons that each of us has within ourselves: our time, and our voices.” – Libby Bakalar

If you’re interested in hearing an outstanding panel of women leaders discuss the problem of sexual harassment in Alaska, The UAS Masters of Public Administration Program hosted the following program at 360 North.

And here are some links related to recent revelations of ongoing sexual harassment in the Alaska State Legislature:

Rep. Fansler resigns after assault allegations

Accused of sexual harassment, Rep. Westlake will resign from Legislature

Tammie Wilson Speaks About History of Legislative Inaction on Harassment