I Wish I Were a Real Alaskan Girl

You know that catchy little ba-da-bump da-da-bump theme music at the beginning of every show? I bet you’re wondering why it’s so iconic and familiar and lovely.

It’s because we swiped it from a jazzy instrumental version of I Wish I Were a Real Alaskan Girl by Marian Call.

It was an easy decision to use for our tiny sized theme music, Marian is a brilliant songwriter and one of my favorite human beings on this earth. Also, she lives with me, so negotiating a license was cake.

“Oh, it’s easy to see why a local woman’s in demand.”

I particularly love how Real Alaskan Girl playfully cuts into the outsider’s dilemma and openly asks what it means to be a Real Alaskan. When have I frozen my toes enough? When have I donated enough blood to mosquitoes? How many boxes of Pilot Bread must I eat? It’s a measure beyond citizenship, the Real Alaskan, a blend of clichés and rites of passage along with the odd northern misfortune thrown in for good measure.

The Alaska identity is simultaneously an elusive notion and concrete set of rules. It’s a story written by environment and art, politics and principles. Everyday we give that story its shape.

I love it.

003 – The Future Belongs to the Bold

Hello Alaska
003 – The Future Belongs to the Bold


Hello Alaska! This episode we take a long walk through Frank Ameduri’s many pointed letter of resignation. Ameduri served as Communications Director for the Alaska Senate Minority and his unexpected departure caused quite a stir.

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002.5 – Particulate Matters

Hello Alaska
002.5 – Particulate Matters

Episode PM 2.5

Hello Alaska! This week we take you up to frigid ol’ Fairbanks, where the temperatures have just plummeted and the air just turned nasty.

In this episode we talk about air pollution, wood stoves, PMs and personal responsibility. Also, it’s been a crazy busy week! We discuss the damning Alaska state prison review, reporting on victims and the knee-jerk response folks are having to Syrian refugees.

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907’s Own

907’s Own is a well produced glance into a subculture many of us aren’t familiar with. The section on Josh Boots was outstanding and cut deeply into the heart of what it means to be a working artist in Alaska.

For me, the film served as a reminder that everyone has the potential to be far more possessed of gifts than I might imagine.

It’s a little weird that this was produced by Shopify, a Canada-based e-commerce megaglomerate, instead of some gritty local filmmaker.

Whatever. Patronage is patronage and this film has some heart and art to it, I’m glad it was made.

Hey Matt. I mentioned Shopify in this post, am I supposed to disclose that I use Shopify to sell things online? Is that a journalist thing I should do?